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Fruit Ninja: Unleash the Kung Fu Panda in you

I recently got the Fruit Ninja Kinect game. The game has been available on the Windows Phone 7 marketplace for a long time and recently the Kinect version of the game was launched. I have been a fan of this game on the Windows Phone, so I didn’t think twice before buying the Kinect version. I normally buy XBOX games which keep me occupied and challenged for hours but this one is an exception. This is a good arcade game that you could play with your friends and have loads of fun without strategizing or thinking about tactics. Though I do not need warn you that as with any Kinect game, you can end up realizing how many joints are present in your body (in a painful way) if you get addicted to this game!

Unleash the Po in you but cutting and slashing those fruits on your screen!

Price: 800 Microsoft XBOX Points (USD 9.99 exclusive of taxes)


HIMYM: Barney is giving away Kinect

I had previously posted about how Bing Maps had made it to one of the episodes of How I
Met Your Mother
. Now on Season 6 Episode 12, Barney is giving away the XBOX Kinect Sensor
in his effort to do something meaningful in his life and still be awesome.

Well Kinect was one of the in-things during the holiday season and it still makes for a good acquisition! All I have to say is that owning a Kinect is “awesome” and it makes the gaming experience…. wait for it… legend-dary!! 😀

There is a lot of shelter still available in the HTC Mozart

At first when I looked up the specs for the HTC Mozart, I was somewhat peeved by the fact that I only had 8GB of memory. But this is a the spoilt me complaining who was pretty well satisfied with less than 512KB of memory on the phone which could support 250 contacts and store 10 text messages about a decade ago.

Well now that every colleague of mine has the same phone as mine and most of them being techies do tinker around with the phones and the Apps that are available in the Marketplace. Since I have decided that I am not going to make my Mozart sing or my travelling television due to the amazing battery backup, I haven’t really exhausted more than 50% of my memory on the phone. But during the past one month, I have come across a bunch of Apps through the word of mouth which seem really useful and practical to be installed on the phone. I have also given a shout-out to my colleagues who pointed me to these Apps.

TextContact Light – One of the most craved for features is sending our contact’s phone or email address via a text message. Since WP7 sans the update which promises this feature is incapable to doing this, the App comes to the rescue. There are limitations but something is better than nothing! (Courtesy: Ajith Krishnan)

Yellow Pages – Now this was quite an App. It managed to provide me listings of eating joints in and around my area. Me being the foodie that I am was floored by the App right then. So my rating for this App is a bit biased! 🙂 (Courtesy: Levi Justus)

i-Clickr Lite – A nifty little App which lets you use your WP7 as your clicker while delivering presentations. Totally geeky and uber cool in my opinion!!

And here are two fun apps that I installed just for the sake of it:

Bandwidth – Just installed this App to check my 3G bandwidth and I was pretty happy about the App’s performance and my 3G bandwidth.

Lyrics – This App actually lets you play the song and then pulls up the lyrics for you along with the song details. The library of lyrics is limited but when it does get a hit, it works pretty well.

Shazam – I am a super huge music buff and am practically listening to music 24X7. Sometimes, I do hear a tune which seems peppy and catchy but I don’t know the artist or the song name. This App catches the sound bytes and identifies the song, artist and album for you. We tested this with English, Hindi, English Instrumental and even Tamil and every time this App passed with flying colors. I had this App on my Moto Rokr a long time back and the App seems to have evolved a lot since then. (Courtesy: Kartik Kumar)

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