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Mind Reader: Basically a math hocus pocus

I recently downloaded a game called Mind Reader onto my Windows Phone 7 from the Marketplace. The game basically asks you to select a 2 digit number, add the two digits and then subtract the sum the of the two digits from the original number. The result is then matched against a bunch of symbols. The third step of the game then shows you the symbol associated with the number that you had arrived at post your calculations.

Now how does this work. The logic is quite simple:

The two digit number is always: x * 10 + y
The sum of the two digits is: x + y
The result after subtracting the sum from the original number is: (x*10 + y) – (x + y) = 9x

Irrespective of the number that you select, the final result will always be a multiple of 9. You will notice in the symbol grid in the application that all the multiples of 9 have the same symbol. So, if you follow the instructions given by the App, the App always get the symbol right as the final number is always a multiple of 9. As a safe measure, the symbols are always jumbled to make the logic seem a bit impossible to decipher at first.

Thanks to my friend Sourabh for locating the solution on the web after we had figured out the 9x logic.

That is all to it for getting your mind read. Smoke and mirrors, a clever math equation and some programming!


HTC Mozart: An end-user review

Gone are the days when a phone was supposed to be just a phone. Nowadays the smartphones are a mobile portfolio of an individual’s online persona. Being able to send text messages to multiple recipients once upon a time was a much coveted feature in a cellphone. These gadets have come a long way since then and have evolved into these complicated devices which can practically do anything you want it to or if it cannot, there is probably an App for it.

Here the things I am in absolute awe of on the HTC Mozart and Windows Phone 7 combination:

  1. The touch motion is very fluid (sometimes a bit too fluid) but that gives the UI an amazing look and feel.
  2. The sound quality when playing music on the phone is out-of-this-world especially if you use the add-on App HTC Sound Enhancer to customize your sound settings.
  3. The tiles just take laziness to a whole new level
  4. The 8 megapixel camera with Xenon flash does provide for some amazing picture taking opportunities.
  5. The design of the phone is different from all the phones that I have used so far.
  6. The screen quality is surprisingly very good and sometimes you just feel like staring at and admiring the phone.
  7. The merging and linking of your Outlook, Facebook, Windows Live and GMail contact list is probably the No.1 feature for me.
  8. The Bing voice search is a feature which is typically good for showing off and extremely cool!
  9. The apps on the Marketplace are pretty cool and it’s very easy to install them.

Some of the features that I not so Gung-Ho about….

  • The quick dial feature on my WinMo 6.5 is sorely missed. I have to click 3 times to actually dial a number.
  • The voice dialling feature is a cool one but most of the time it’s confused about what I want vs what it wants to search for. It’s like that feature has a mind of it’s own.
  • I cannot assign a song as my ringtone.
  • Miss the copy/paste feature for some applications.
  • Very used to viewing my phone as a HDD on my computer (without hacks) and miss the direct copy/paste of stuff into my phone.

Here are some of the Apps that I installed:

  1. Adobe Reader – A must if you need to view PDF documents. (My rating: 5-star)
  2. Amazon Kindle – Good for reading books purchased from the Amazon store. (My rating: 5-star)
  3. Dollar Dictionary – A handy little dictionary and thesaurus.
  4. Facebook – Almost anyone to everyone is on Facebook these days. So it’s needless to say that this app is quite useful. The app has all the basic features for normal FB activity but it’s missing the Share feature. (My rating: 4)
  5. IMDB – A neat little app for checking out the latest in movie news.
  6. Live Cricket – A must for any cricket fanatic. Shows the scores of CricInfo. (My rating: 5-star)
  7. Messenger by Miyowa – This is the only app that works with Windows Live Messenger. So for the lack of a better app this will suffice your needs but there are some improvements needed for it. The Windows Live package available for WinMo 6.5 and below definitely has an advantage over this app.
  8. MSN Movies – A nifty little app for viewing the latest trailers of movies.
  9. Notes – The virtual version of Post-Its from HTC.
  10. MyChannel9 – I do watch Channel 9 videos so this app made sense for me.
  11. SimpiRSS – This is a standard RSS reader for subscribing to any kind of RSS feeds. It can also import your Google Reader blogs.
  12. Translator – This is a handy little app which can translate in multiple languages (I think about 6) and also gives the pronounciations of one word translations.
  13. Stopwatch Timer – This is another basic app which does what the app name says.
  14. Twitter – A must for all Twitter users. (My rating: 5-star)
  15. Voice Recorder – Again pretty straight forward which does exactly what the name suggests.
  16. Weather – A simplistic yet complete app to track world weather. (My rating: 5-star)
  17. WordPress – A brilliant app for WordPress bloggers. (My rating: 5-star)
  18. World Clock – A simple but useful app to track the time for different timezones. I really need this as I am horrid with timezones. (My rating: 5-star)
  19. YouTube – I had this on my WinMo 6.5 and this app from HTC Touch 2 and this makes viewing stuff on YouTube pretty easy.
  20. e-Bay – This app is quite useful if you are a regular e-Bay user.
  21. Favorites Dialer – If you miss the Quick Dial or Contacts Favorite list from your WinMo 6.5 like I do, then this is the app for you!
  22. HandyScan – This is a decent app for scanning documents and storing them in your picture library.

Her are the list of games that I installed on the Mozart:

  1. Checkers Pro Free
  2. Chess4All
  3. Helicopter
  4. Ice Ball
  5. Reversi Pro Free
  6. Sudoku
  7. Swipy Man
  8. Tetris 7 (UI ain’t that great)
  9. Tic Tac Toe
  10. Word Tangle Free
  11. Need for Speed Undercover

Have fun customizing your phone!

Here’s how you make Zune Marketplace work for you if you reside outside US:

The HTC Mozart review by Engadget can be read here.