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HIMYM: Barney is giving away Kinect

I had previously posted about how Bing Maps had made it to one of the episodes of How I
Met Your Mother
. Now on Season 6 Episode 12, Barney is giving away the XBOX Kinect Sensor
in his effort to do something meaningful in his life and still be awesome.

Well Kinect was one of the in-things during the holiday season and it still makes for a good acquisition! All I have to say is that owning a Kinect is “awesome” and it makes the gaming experience…. wait for it… legend-dary!! 😀

Kinect Buzz

Have been reading a lot of stuff about the Kinect lately and seriously want to get my hands on the Kinect controller which has been eluding me now.. much to my consternation. Here is a Twitter post that I picked up in feed on Tweetdeck…

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