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Internet Addiction Disorder

This weekend I realized the true nature of my dependency on the Internet. I am connected to the Net primarily through these devices: my laptop, cellphone and Zune. While the first and the last one depend on WiFi at my location, I normally connect to the Net using GPRS on my cellphone. There is actually a Wikipedia page on this! (Trust them to have a page for this as well)

With the online and offline worlds converging and everything becoming interconnected, it is increasingly becoming difficult to draw lines between the two. I had written about the this briefly in an earlier post: It is truly a web! 

Back to the topic (before I digressed), my new net connection is yet to be setup and I found myself floundering with tethering simply ‘coz the speed doesn’t really cut-it. And nor did GPRS help in giving me *instant* communication options! Further more, it got me longing for the much awaited 3G connectivity to be made available by my cellphone carrier in the coming month!

I do spend a significant amount of time online on a weekday since most of my work requires either intranet or extranet access. But what that has done additionally is that it has created dependencies on applications like Twitter, Facebook, compulsive mail synching/checking (even when I don’t need to) and WordPress (as you must have already figured out by now that I like to blog). To sum it up, I did realize that the absence of Internet just makes it difficult because it has become a luxury (yes, a luxury which was a little over a decade ago) that I have grown used. Made me realize that it is funny as well as a little unnerving how we take certain things for granted in life! The only thing that is missing now is the withdrawl symptoms and the coining of Internet Addicts helplines! Smile with tongue out


Hello WordPress

I had been contemplating this for a while. Whether or not to move my personal Live Spaces blog to WordPress. And finally my latest tweet talks about the move:

Just moved my Live Spaces blog to WordPress:

It was as easy as 1-2-3. I clicked on a few buttons and the migration happened within a few minutes. Spent a about 15 odd minutes on the WordPress Dashboard customizing the look and feel of my blog and voila… It’s like I was always on WordPress!!

The only boo-hoo in the entire episode was the name “MyScribblepad” was not available on WordPress. So, I had to change it to My e-Scribblepad!