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Ferrari fans disappointed

Ferrari fans have seen better days. The team that was known for it’s brilliant strategizing for it’s Pit Stops made a gross miscalculation which probably would lead Alonso to live by the motto “Try, Try and you will succeed”. What promised to be a humdinger of a battle between Vettel and Alonso turned out be a one-sided affair.

I am a die-hard Ferrari fan but the Red Bull team has outplayed the Prancing Horse on multiple circuits this season. But it looks like Red Bull did give Webber and Vettel wings (as the Red Bull ad claims) and they managed to pull out stellar performances on more than one occasion.

I guess Felipe Massa would also feel a bit crest-fallen because he did give up a career win (read: German Grand Prix) so that Alonso could have a better shot to win the driver’s championship. Massa must have felt an odd sense of deja-vu when he was asked to let Alonso pass in Germany (ironical) but this time around the Spaniard was not so lucky in Abu Dhabi.

Congratulations to the world’s youngest F1 Champion and commiserations to the team that I supported throughout the season. Better luck next season!

Read the article on ESPN here.