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Twitter Fun – I

Twitter seems to throw surprises at you all the time. Here are a few:

The White House, the official residence of Uncle Sam, has a Twitter account by the very name: WhiteHouse. Here is snippet of the Info page:


Considering that the account has over a million followers and many of you reading this post may not be surprised but it does make you think how important the micro blogging site has become that important entities (now both individuals and non-individuals) maintain Twitter accounts. As I had said in one of my previous posts: after Facebook, Twitter is the next social networking phenomenon where everyone who is anyone in their realm of work or domain has an official twitter account.

Another fun fact about the Tweets, I say today was the praise about the Tamil Movie “Robot”, starring none another than Rajinikanth and oh yes, Aishwarya Rai (quite forgot that she was in the movie!! Smile with tongue out). The normal “junta” is already ga-ga over the movie which all news channels across India chose to cover. But today’s tweet’s were from celebrities.

Here are few:



It’s funny that Preity Zinta has a twitter handle by the name: realpreityzinta. Looking at that, I get the feeling that she was humming songs by Eminem when she came up with that name. Or maybe her PR reps were hung up on the Real Slim Shady. A quick search on Twitter (hopefully it searches the list of all available users), I didn’t find a Twitter account with the name PreityZinta or even FakePreityZinta! Smile with tongue out

Will keep updating this series later…. So wrapping up this post for now. Tags: ,,,