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Ted Mosby uses Bing Maps

Ted Mosby from How I Met Your Mother Season 6 Episode 4 uses Bings Maps to show the location of Gregors Steakhouse to his friends where Woody Allen is apparently having lunch.  Thumbs up



Say Hello to the Bing Bar

The new Bing Bar is now available for installation on your browser. I typically like to keep my browser free of toolbars and avoid any sort of toolbar installations that the freewares generally tend to install.


However, I decided to give the Bing Bar a shot! The reason for that is the Bing Bar, which replaces the MSN Toolbar, now integrates very well with Windows Live Mail and Messenger. Furthermore, I can share web content with my Windows Live contacts without having to navigate away from the page.


The Silverlight interface provides all the fancy UI animations gives you the ability to check online content on the MSN portal and Bing services like stock quotes, videos, news and weather are available through a preview option without having to leave the web page that you are currently navigating.

Go ahead and give it a shot by installing it from here.