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Bangalore: Then and Now

I am nearing a decade of stay in the state of Karnataka and have seen the city of Bengaluru going through a state of transition from some good and some bad… Here are some of the things that have a stark difference between the early years of 2000 and post 2010…

  • M.G.Road used to be a road then and now it’s a by-lane.
  • CMH Road was actually a road and now it’s just a remnant to show to the youngsters of today of what a road can become like due to Namma Metro constructions.
  • Finding parking in the city was a piece of cake then (barring MG Road and Brigade Road) and now a prayer before you venture out for your destination now will still do you no good for finding parking. Witnessing a blue moon is easier!
  • The Kormangala-Indiranagar flyover had a single person helping construct a flyover which is now packed with rush-hour traffic both in the mornings and evenings.
  • The then Pub city finds itself having lesser pubs and a deadline which puts residential schools and colleges to shame now.
  • A weekend had a multitude of options then which now has revelers hustling themselves to reach somewhere before 9.30-10PM so that they can eat least spend some worthwhile time to the so-called party place that they decided to spend the evening weekend.
  • Areas like Hosur and Whitefield were actually outskirts then where as now they are prime hubs for investing in real-estate.
  • A place optimal for retirement then is now a place bustling full of IT professionals.
  • Getting an auto-rickshaw was affordable then and now it feels like you are getting ready to be slaughtered at the mercy of the auto-driver.
  • A drive from M.G. Road to Airport Road was a pleasant experience then which is a nerve-racking experiencing now owing to skillful drivers and state-of-the-art roads.
  • The Namma Metro had to be yet conceptualized then and even now it’s yet to be realized as a proof-of-concept.

All these opinions are quite cynical in nature but I still do have an affinity for the city which is why I have been here for such a long time. So all those people with rebuttals and smart-alec quips, I will not get dragged into a long drawn out conversation on this. Smile