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Mobile wars: Two is better than one

I had been following the slew of ads which were becoming less and less subtle and more of smack-talk about the competitor and honestly, some of the ads from both sides have super creative minds behind them! Kudos to the ad-gurus for coming with the counter for the counter… Ok, I have forgotten whose turn it is to counter here as there have been so many of digs and jibes already!

Verizon recently launched the iPhone 4 on their network. Apple a while back had come up with a “Two is better than one” ad signifying that two carriers (Verizon & AT&T) was the way-to-go!

Apple iPhone 4 Ad–Two is better than one!

What Apple probably didn’t foresee is that pending mobile wars in the form of commercials where Verizon made a subtle dig at a competitor. Verizon already took a swipe at network availability with the punch-line “Yes, I can hear you now!” in their latest ad:

Verizon iPhone Ad: I can hear you now!

AT&T responded to this with an ad of their own showing that they are the only network where you can talk and surf simultaneously.

AT&T: Talk and Surf at the same time.


AT&T and Apple iPhone Ad


AT&T already has a slew of ads done by Luke Wilson which shows AT&T as having the best 3G coverage.

There is already enough media banter over these spew of ads in the past few weeks, counter press comments by the companies clarifying the competitor digs and the product company itself partaking in a few jibes here and there (but whose side will it be on)! Let’s wait and watch to see how this pans out! Tags: ,,,,,