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What an app – Fotor

FotorAre you a click happy person? Well I have coined that word for people who love taking pictures from their phones. I have this great habit of taking pictures of my food, friends and selflies of courses. I have tried different types of photo editing apps for getting those creatives edges to my pics but finally I have found something which is quick and easy to use. Its the ‘Fotor app‘.

The photo editing app will help you in making photo collages, frames and adding different effects. More than the effects, I love the different types of collages that you can do with this app which was missing with the others. It is actually a user friendly app for which you don’t have to think too much. Among all the latest photo editor app ( Photo editor by aviary, Collages maker, Photo edit pro), this is the best.


What an app- One note

OneNoteOh boy! That moment when you really want to write something important and you don’t have a pen and paper. Yes I am pretty sure you understand what I mean. So here is an app which will end this misery – ‘One Note‘ app your very own digital notebook.

Create your ‘shopping list’ or your ‘to do list’, you can list endlessly. Oh almost forgot to mention, if you download this app you will end up saving tress’ Save paper Save trees’ they say. What wan easy way to be a environment friendly person 🙂

What An App: Here Drive

Here Maps To be honest I am that kind of a girl who will rather ask people about directions rather than depending on an app. To find the shortest way and get to the place in less time I would always ask either an auto guy or a shop keeper to be on a safer side. It happened to be a day where none of the above helped me and this amazing app called Here Mapshappened in my life. Will quickly tell you the exciting features of this app:

  • Its FREE to download
  • Gives you voice- guided navigation ( in around 97 countries)
  • It does not require internet connection to guide you ( Hurray)
  • 99.9% accurate in giving direction ( it will also tell you the by lanes )

My life is much simpler and easy now. Girls you don’t have to worry if you don not know a place. All you need is this amazing app in your life. Trust me this app has better direction sense than your partner 😉