Book Review: Executive Orders

This is one of the last books in the Jack Ryan Sr. series where Jack Ryan becomes the President of the United States of America. The circumstances which led to his landing the top job were tragic and at the outset of the book, Jack Ryan has the herculean task of rebuilding the Congress. The previous book ended with a Japan Airlines pilot turning his 747 into a missile which claimed the lives of almost the entire Congress.

Now it is Jack Ryan’s responsibility to rebuild the government. However, he faces both internal challenges in the form of the ex-Vice President, who claims to be the rightful resident of the Oval Office. Even externally, Ryan faces opposition from various sources! Even though the work is fictional, you can see the author(s) has drawn parallels from past events and at times co-related them incorrectly to represent the geo-political landscape. Since this is a work of fiction, such irregularities can be overlooked!

However, this book lacks the previous Ryan series finesse. The detailing of the events at times being mundane and the narrative can drive you to sleep! You need to be a big fan of the Ryan series to complete this book in a single seating. There are patches of action and extremely clever dialogues. The book even manages to run parallel events with fair amount of ease! However, the past zing is missing and at the end of the book, you are left wanting!

To summarize, if you are following the Ryan series, pick this up. If you are not, then pick one of the earlier ones!


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