Book Review: Attorney’s Run


Attorney’s Run is the fifth book in the Nick Teffinger series by R.J.Jagger. The protagonist is Nick Teffinger, a detective in the Denver P.D., who in this series heads the unit. While investigating a grisly murder of an airline pilot, he comes across a stunning female with whom he gets involved with. As it turns out that his new found love interest is connected to the murder that he is investigating and leads to another parallel story involving a human trafficking racket. The other lead character in the book is London Vaughn, a rookie lawyer, who is working as Teffinger’s love interest’s lawyer and takes the biggest law firm in the city head-on in a legal battle.

This book will not require you to write down the plot of the book on a piece of paper or rack your grey cells to keep track of the developments in the plot. The ending is rather abrupt and the last two chapters are not so intriguing as the beginning of the book. There are a few anti-climaxes in the book and overall the book does keep your interest level piqued to make this a fast-paced read. The chapters are short and keep jumping between different characters which makes for a unique writing style and a page turner!

The book is definitely good for passing time when you are travelling. This was the first R.J.Jagger book that I read and this was definitely a good way of killing time while being interested in the plot.

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