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Woah WP7: You just got better

It’s been a while since I penned a non-SQL blog post owing to various reasons which can be attributed to me not having time. So I thought now would be a good time as any to give my writing skills a twirl and author a post on what is becoming my favorite gadget… The Windows Phone 7. I had written two elaborate posts on the various phone apps available on Windows Phone 7 marketplace which make life easier and working on-the-go hassle free.

HTC Mozart: An end-user review
There is a lot of shelter still available in the HTC Mozart

Taking into consideration the fact that the number of apps on the Windows Phone 7 marketplace has grown considerably since the time I wrote these posts, I thought I would share the additional apps which have made it to my installed apps list.

Amazon Kindle: If you own Kindle, then this is definitely an app to get. The user interface is simple and provides the most needed options at the cost of just a swipe and a click!

Book My Show – Now this was an app which would definitely benefit all the WP7 users in India since Book My Show portal is probably the most frequently used online portal for booking movie tickets in the country. Really glad to see that there are apps which are catering to the Indian WP7 user which are making it to the marketplace.

IM+: This is the mother of all IM apps available in the marketplace! This app provides you with integration between variety of instant messaging services like Facebook chat, Yahoo, Google Talk, Beep, Skype, AOL, ICQ, Jabber etc. Get this app installed, configure your accounts and you are ready to chat will all your contacts on different services from one single app. The icing on the cake is that the app also supports push notifications so you don’t have to keep the app launched and wait for a message to come in.

Lync 2010: This probably made my life a lot easier. Lync WP7 app is something that I had felt the need for and there were pangs of desperation at times since I was used to having the app on Windows Phone 6.5. The app supports corporate directory lookup, IMing a contact, push notifications and the best feature which is dial-out conferencing.

Sky Drive: Yes you can directly upload photographs to your Sky Drive and other social networks directly from the Photo Hub but I still installed the app because I have recently started using Sky Drive for syncing my OneNote notebooks, certain Word documents and Excel sheets. This app makes managing these documents a piece of cake!

Tango – This is a video calling app and works quite well if you have a two-way camera on your phone and lets you initiate video calls between two Windows Phone while connected using GPRS/3G or WiFi networks.

WhatsApp – This is probably the one of the most popular instant messaging/texting apps available on the iPhone and Android mobile operating systems. Now WP7 also has a compatible version of the app. So get this installed and exchange messages across smart phones irrespective of the phone operating system.

Till the next time I find some more apps which make it compelling for me to blog…. Adieu!