Mission Impossible: Disavowed but still in the game

imageThe latest addition to the Mission Impossible franchise is the Ghost Protocol. The fourth installment sees the IMF team actually working as a team and the entire movie doesn’t depend on Tom Cruise’s character Ethan Hunt being the one-man army!

The movie has the team globe trotting from Russia to Dubai to India… However, one thing that did really irk me is the "fake" Indian accent put on my Anil Kapoor. Mr. Kapoor doesn’t talk with the accent he used in the movie and his reel life persona seemed to have an accent which is most often heard during a Russel Peter’s gig! Stereotyping……

With that rant aside, the movie is a definite watch and you do wonder whether Ethan Hunt is made up of some alien alloy material because I pretty much lost count of the number of times he got smacked in the face or head while making a jump which seemed to be bordering on the verge of insanity!

Simon Pegg being field certified now adds another rookie element into the whole IMF team. Hats-off to the dialogue writers as they seem to have hit the nail on the head for comic timing! They have managed to infuse the movie with a dry and sarcastic sort of humor which will leave you in splits when you are not gaping in amazement at the breath-taking amazing action sequences. The vertical climb by Ethan Hunt on the outside of Burj Khalifa was one of the best stunt sequences in the movie!

The movie is action packed… The story obviously remains the same with IMF and Ethan Hunt needing to save the world! However, this time around Hunt and his team are on their own and working without any backups!

MI4: Burj Khalifa stunt

Pssst Santa: I wouldn’t mind that BMW Concept Car that was being driven around by Ethan Hunt for Christmas!!


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  1. Best entertaining movie, and a wonderful review.

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