Holy Cow-u–SRK: Why this Kolaveri?

Why this Kolaveri di –Song

My colleague had told me about this song when it had less than a 100,000 hits. And that was just a little over two weeks back… This song is an example of what going viral means! The you tube video of this song has managed to garner 15.6+ million hits in 18 days of it’s release! That means a whopping 800K+ hits!

The song is a literal translation of Ta-nglish (Tamil-English) song which was the efforts of a few noteworthy names like Dhanush (National Award winner for Best Actor 2011), Aishwarya (Rajnikanth’s daughter) and Shruti Hassan, Kamal Hassan’s daughter. The music composer, Anirudh is no lackey either but probably the lesser known of the earlier mentioned mortals. The success of the song has ensured that he is in hot demand in the coming months…. Just like an Indian cricket batsman’s century propels him for at least an entire series.

The song is not to be taken seriously and the makers of the song can be seen having a good time while making the song! There has been some stark criticism from a minority of the people who have heard this song rating this as downright nonsense! It’s all for a good laugh depicting comically the age-old story of a girl and a boy and some low spirits thrown into the equation!

The music was definitely catchy but after my friends managed to explain the literal meaning of the song…. The combo of the explanation and the catchy tune did it’s work and I jumped onto the Kolaveri bandwagon over a week back!

Today there are blog posts… News articles… Leading channels covering the success of the song… Similarly penned songs for IT, Blogging…. Noteworthy names praising the song… and maybe very soon… Ad jingles to follow!!

What Shah Rukh tried for months with the spam-publicity of RA.One… Kolaveri did in less than two weeks! Maybe the Khan needs a new marketing team! And some good content for his next movie!


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