The Puss and Twilight

Recently I watched two movies which managed to instigate my blogging persona to pen this post.

Breaking Dawn Part 1 is the latest addition to the Twilight franchise which to my mind is an at par movie in case you have seen its predecessor, Eclipse. I thought the bride-to-be couldn’t look more anorexic in reel or real life but I was proven wrong after watching the movie! The movies is 117 minutes long which does mean that some of the scenes (especially in the first half) are a bit dragged out. The special effects in the second half of the movie are good. If you are intrigued by how the franchise is panning out, then a trip to the cineplex might be alright! The cast primarily remains the same though you do get to see the acting maturity of the protagonists in terms of their expressions and acting prowess. And there is some action when there is a sparring match between the werewolves and the vampires.

The second move was Dreamwork’s latest foray into animation: Puss in Boots. Antonio Banderas and Salma Hayek were probably the best choices to provide the voice overs for Puss and Kitty! And that is not half the story. The move has some of the best fairy tales concoction with characters from Jack n Jill, Jack and the Beanstalk and The Golden Goose. This is a family movie where ingenuity and tongue-in-cheek humor always keep that smile pasted to your face for the entire movie duration. In my mind, (and by no means am I a film critic) Puss in Boots is the better experience of my two visits to the multiplex.

However, the USP quite differs for both these movies as well as their genre. The numbers on IMDB with respect to revenue would tell you a different story $42M weekend gross for the Vampire sage compared to the $7.45M weekend gross for the Puss.

Moral of the story: Don’t go by just the numbers!

And for my Indian friends: Numbers pe mat jao, apni akal lagao!

*stats courtesy IMDB.


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  1. I watched twilight, for the first time.. and was pretty disappointed.. I think I went there expecting more, from this series I’d head so much about. As a stand alone movie, I do feel that it was over rated and yea, I’m thinking I’d probably agree to what you’re saying, though I haven’t watched Puss in Boots yet… just remembering that cat from Shrek, he’s a character that should be able to hold out on his own. On another topic, since you mentioned assortment of fairy tales, there’s this new show called Once Upon a Time, that’s begun airing in the states, that you should catch. I LOVE it!

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