Happy Diwali Alistair Cook

Cricket is probably unofficially the sport that brings my country, India, together irrespective of caste, creed, color, religion etc. The first quarter of the year saw Dhoni’s Men in Blue lift the ultimate prize in world cricket, the World Cup. This sparked off a series of celebrations on the roads which ran late into the night and made a billion+ people really proud! The Indian team had last won this prize way back in 1983! However, the last two months or so Dhoni and his men were probably not on the favorite list of Indian cricket lovers due to the Indian team’s visit to England where India got displaced from a the top spot and suffered a whitewash in the one-day series. But the favor was returned today as a Diwali gift to the English team in the form of the fifth consecutive defeat in the one-days series at Eden Gardens, Calcutta. Oh yes… The mediocre batting effort by the English middle order did help today! Smile

For all the critics out there, India’s Captain Cool has proved again why his team deserves to hold the top spot and how the team can bounce back from a bad patch!

Happy Diwali!!


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  1. Englishman here and yes, well done. For us it’s the reverse – great a month ago and very disappointing now, but no doubt your team is doing really well. Happy Diwali indeed!

    • Both teams performed very well on their home turf. The English team is getting the same amount of stick that the Indian team got after the England tour. Suprising how critics are willing to crucify the entire team after a poor show in a single series and change colors as soon as they start playing well. What happenned to sticking through good and bad times? 🙂

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