Red Dead Redemption: Wild Wild West

Red Dead Redemption is what I call the Wild Wild West version of Grand Theft Auto byimage Rockstar Games. If you are a fan of the GTA series by Rockstar Games, then you will really like this game. Unlike the GTA protagonist who spends his time roaming around well developed cities, the protagonist of Red Dead Redemption is attempting to redeem himself and put his past behind him. The storyline revolves around the main character, John Marston, trying to nail down his two former outlaw buddies in order to be reunited with his son and wife. Since, this is a Rockstar Game, you will find multiple side stories thrown into the fray which at times I found very detailed and can help you get very distracted and loose focus on the primary objective. The distractions range from short mini-games like arm wrestling, gambling (poker, blackjack, liar’s dice), horse breaking, duels to the extremely detailed “helping stranger stories” which can take you on a complete mission on it’s own. The story spans across US and Mexico and the more you dwell into the game, you will be amazed by the level of depth and detailing that is available in the game. The free-roam concept is available here (and my favorite is riding the “War Horse” across the countryside) and you can end up spending a lot of time roaming the countryside without actually pursuing the primary objective of the game!

The character’s morality is completely left upto the player. The game presents you with the choice to a honorable wild west hero or the shady lowlife. Like GTA, there are lawmen that will keep your shadiness in check but it doesn’t really stop you from taking the morally forbidden route in the game.

imageThe game’s rendering engine is quite good though once or twice I did have a few hiccups but considering the vast expanse of the wild west that you have to explore in the game, you can very well live with the one odd glitch in a few hours of gameplay. You even have the option of logging into Rockstar Social Club for additional challenges, cheats and leaderboards for your online/multiplayer gameplay. The multi-player gameplay is riveting with the different types of matches that you can engage in! It was quite fun to play a frag-match or King-of-the-Hill match with a Wild West setting and weapons.

The game’s climax is unexpected and one of the best from Rockstar Games that I have seen so far! His legacy lives on and lets you continue the quests and achievements that you have pending while you were chasing the primary objective.

IGN has given the game a 9.7 rating. If you have played GTA, you will involuntarily draw a few parallels. If you are looking for a game that can engage you for hours and has high replay value, then this is the game for you.

This is definitely another Rockstar game that will make you loose track of time! Rockstar has managed to take the Wild Wild West to a whole new level!

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