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Mind Reader: Basically a math hocus pocus

I recently downloaded a game called Mind Reader onto my Windows Phone 7 from the Marketplace. The game basically asks you to select a 2 digit number, add the two digits and then subtract the sum the of the two digits from the original number. The result is then matched against a bunch of symbols. The third step of the game then shows you the symbol associated with the number that you had arrived at post your calculations.

Now how does this work. The logic is quite simple:

The two digit number is always: x * 10 + y
The sum of the two digits is: x + y
The result after subtracting the sum from the original number is: (x*10 + y) – (x + y) = 9x

Irrespective of the number that you select, the final result will always be a multiple of 9. You will notice in the symbol grid in the application that all the multiples of 9 have the same symbol. So, if you follow the instructions given by the App, the App always get the symbol right as the final number is always a multiple of 9. As a safe measure, the symbols are always jumbled to make the logic seem a bit impossible to decipher at first.

Thanks to my friend Sourabh for locating the solution on the web after we had figured out the 9x logic.

That is all to it for getting your mind read. Smoke and mirrors, a clever math equation and some programming!


Mobile wars: Two is better than one

I had been following the slew of ads which were becoming less and less subtle and more of smack-talk about the competitor and honestly, some of the ads from both sides have super creative minds behind them! Kudos to the ad-gurus for coming with the counter for the counter… Ok, I have forgotten whose turn it is to counter here as there have been so many of digs and jibes already!

Verizon recently launched the iPhone 4 on their network. Apple a while back had come up with a “Two is better than one” ad signifying that two carriers (Verizon & AT&T) was the way-to-go!

Apple iPhone 4 Ad–Two is better than one!

What Apple probably didn’t foresee is that pending mobile wars in the form of commercials where Verizon made a subtle dig at a competitor. Verizon already took a swipe at network availability with the punch-line “Yes, I can hear you now!” in their latest ad:

Verizon iPhone Ad: I can hear you now!

AT&T responded to this with an ad of their own showing that they are the only network where you can talk and surf simultaneously.

AT&T: Talk and Surf at the same time.


AT&T and Apple iPhone Ad


AT&T already has a slew of ads done by Luke Wilson which shows AT&T as having the best 3G coverage.

There is already enough media banter over these spew of ads in the past few weeks, counter press comments by the companies clarifying the competitor digs and the product company itself partaking in a few jibes here and there (but whose side will it be on)! Let’s wait and watch to see how this pans out! Tags: ,,,,,

There is a lot of shelter still available in the HTC Mozart

At first when I looked up the specs for the HTC Mozart, I was somewhat peeved by the fact that I only had 8GB of memory. But this is a the spoilt me complaining who was pretty well satisfied with less than 512KB of memory on the phone which could support 250 contacts and store 10 text messages about a decade ago.

Well now that every colleague of mine has the same phone as mine and most of them being techies do tinker around with the phones and the Apps that are available in the Marketplace. Since I have decided that I am not going to make my Mozart sing or my travelling television due to the amazing battery backup, I haven’t really exhausted more than 50% of my memory on the phone. But during the past one month, I have come across a bunch of Apps through the word of mouth which seem really useful and practical to be installed on the phone. I have also given a shout-out to my colleagues who pointed me to these Apps.

TextContact Light – One of the most craved for features is sending our contact’s phone or email address via a text message. Since WP7 sans the update which promises this feature is incapable to doing this, the App comes to the rescue. There are limitations but something is better than nothing! (Courtesy: Ajith Krishnan)

Yellow Pages – Now this was quite an App. It managed to provide me listings of eating joints in and around my area. Me being the foodie that I am was floored by the App right then. So my rating for this App is a bit biased! 🙂 (Courtesy: Levi Justus)

i-Clickr Lite – A nifty little App which lets you use your WP7 as your clicker while delivering presentations. Totally geeky and uber cool in my opinion!!

And here are two fun apps that I installed just for the sake of it:

Bandwidth – Just installed this App to check my 3G bandwidth and I was pretty happy about the App’s performance and my 3G bandwidth.

Lyrics – This App actually lets you play the song and then pulls up the lyrics for you along with the song details. The library of lyrics is limited but when it does get a hit, it works pretty well.

Shazam – I am a super huge music buff and am practically listening to music 24X7. Sometimes, I do hear a tune which seems peppy and catchy but I don’t know the artist or the song name. This App catches the sound bytes and identifies the song, artist and album for you. We tested this with English, Hindi, English Instrumental and even Tamil and every time this App passed with flying colors. I had this App on my Moto Rokr a long time back and the App seems to have evolved a lot since then. (Courtesy: Kartik Kumar)

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