XBOX: Jump In

Its been a busy month and I hardly had time to get my hands dirty with my new XBOX 360S console. However, the last two weekends, I managed to fiddle around with the new sleek console. I had blogged about the console acquisition sometime back and now I got hold of a few accessories and add-ons which enhances the entire XBOX experience and takes it to a whole new level.

The first challenge was I had acquired the console from US and it was not yet launched in India. The flipside of such an early purchase is that not only do the new set of accessories have to be bought from US but a major issue that you will have to face is the power brick. India uses a 220V power supply where as US uses a 110V power supply. So unless you want to see your XBOX power brick go up in smoke, you would need a step-down transformer (a good quality one). However, this would render your XBOX unsupported. The other option is to get a XBOX power brick which works with the US region console with an Asian power supply. Alas, finding such power brick which is very difficult. I finally managed to locate a dealer for this in Bangalore whose details are mentioned below:

Glasgow Computers
No.6/7, Curzon Court Complex, Brigade Road, Bangalore – 560001
Landmark: Planet M
Phone: 080 2558 7333

The power brick is imported from Singapore and comes with a 3-month guarantee. However, there is a steep price tag attached to it as well. (As of November 2010, it was Rs. 4000/-).

The XBOX 360 Chatpad is great for chatting or connecting with Facebook/Twitter if you use your XBOX for such type of activities. It fits snugly into your wireless controller and now you have a wireless keyboard rather than having to use to the controller to select the letters which need to be keyed in.

Another must-have accessory if you game online. This headset fits into your controller and you still have the benefit of being wireless. Additionally if you decide to chat with your friends while gaming, then the headset lets you do just that as well!

Play and Charge Kit
This is quite useful for an avid gamer. You don’t need to stock your house with AAA batteries for your XBOX controller. You can say good-bye to your disposable batteries and use a rechargeable battery for your controller. The most useful thing is that you can play while you charge.
XBOX Live Gold
If you want to Video Chat using your snazzy new Kinect controller, then without a XBOX Gold membership, you are going to be disappointed! And if you reside in US, then you will find that your Netflix experience will step up a few notches with Netflix-XBOX Gold membership combo.

HDMI Cable
If your television is HDMI enabled, then this will really enhance your gaming experience.

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