Live Messenger App has risen in the FB App Rankings

Windows Live Essentials rolled out an update for Windows Live Messenger to allow Messenger users to connect with their Facebook friends. Messenger has social networking built into it and the Live Messenger App on Facebook allows you to keep your Facebook profile pepped with your Windows Live activity. The new avatar of Messenger allows you to connect to other services like LinkedIn, MySpace, WordPress etc.

Now the latest piece of tidbit came to my attention on Twitter through MSFTNews, which pointed me to an article that the Live Messenger App on Facebook has reached #2 spot in the most popular apps on Facebook within 3 months of it’s launch.

An excerpt from the below article:

Microsoft released the latest version of Messenger with a deep integration of Facebook and Facebook chat less than three months ago. In order to allow both Microsoft to connect its 300 million Messenger users to Facebook without running into performance issues, the two companies decided to roll this partnership out slowly. At this point, Microsoft tells us, only about 20% of Messenger users have access to it, making these numbers even more impressive.


I too was a victim of the #1 app, Farmville and #8, Mafia Wars until sometime back, much to the consternation of my friends receiving the constant updates regarding the gaming activity from these two applications.

Read more about it here.


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