Twitter Fun – IV

I normally don’t repeat the same topic but this is too irresistible. I had posted in the last series about the few Tweets doing rounds (known as Re-Tweets in the Twitter world) for the Rajnikanth movie, Robot.

My current FB status reads:

Courtesy one of my friends –> “Rajinikanth doesn’t need a debugger. He just stares at the code and the bug confesses.”

Here are a few more (heard it from multiple people, sources unknown):

If you want to find out if any of the following are true, please send an email to !! Smile with tongue out

Some of them are even related to Twitter!!

Recent news from Twitter: Rajnikanth verified Twitter! Open-mouthed smile

Once Twitter goes paid, only #Rajnikanth will be able to post freely.

20 years later all the robots will make a movie called ‘RAJNIKANTH’

Rajnikanth can divide by zero

Once Rajnikanth went to an Engineering college. After 4 years the teachers graduated

The ‘Bermuda Triangle used2b a ‘Bermuda square’ until #rajnikanth kicked 1of the corners off!

Big Boss calls Rajnikanth as a participant, next day someone announces, “Rajnikanth chahte hain ki Big Boss confession room mein aayein” !!! 🙂

Rajnikanth will replace the MGM lion. Instead of the usual roar before Tom & Jerry begins, Rajni will say ‘mind it’

when #rajnikanth does pushups he isn’t pulling him up he iS pushing earth down.

Rainbows are nothing but light reflecting off Rajnikanth’s drenched cellphone screen!

There are no shooting stars. Rajnikanth just tossed some coins!

Rajnikanth’s next film is called #TWITTER —- he plays 140 characters in it

Rajnikanth only the person who can Delete the Recycle Bin…!!

Rajnikanth wears glasses to protect the sun..

In the phrase ‘Awesome Rajnikanth’, ‘Rajnikanth’ is the adjective that describes the word ‘awesome’! :))

It wasn’t a spider that bit Peter was #Rajnikanth 🙂

Rajnikanth wrote a cheque and the bank bounced!!

When Rajnikanth had surgery, the anesthesia was applied to the doctors.

When Rajnikanth goes to donate blood, he declines the syringe, and instead requests a hand gun and a bucket

This is for all the junta in India who are tired of Auto-Rickshaw (three wheeler vehicles) drivers behaving obnoxiously:

There is one thing #Rajnikanth was NOT able to do: Civilizing autorickshaw drivers. Well, he tried.

And the epitome of all such quotes:

Rajnikanth needed at least one guy who’d not bow before him. And, he created God!


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