Twitter Fun – III

And the saga continues… I recently read a bunch of funny posts on Twitter and Facebook post the release of the movie “Robot” a.k.a. Endhiran.

Here are a few:


This is what I saw on Facebook from one of my friends. Smile

Twitter   Fun – I, I had already pointed out posts from other famous celebrities about the movie. Here are a few more:

RajneeshKapoor: Endhiran (Robot) releases. Rajnikanth gives Times of India 3 stars.

rsimhan: Australian players refuse gold medals at CWG.. instead they want tickets for Superstar’s #endhiran#Endhiran Facts

Bombay_Dc @ekta06true! Heres another wen ranjikant wrote a cheque, the bank bounced

Some of them were even technology related: Smile

varsha_jk😀 RT: @roshansingh: @suppieonly Ranjikanth can keep two files with same name in one folder, its copyright protected also 😀

Here is what Archivist has to say about Endhiran:



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