Laxman: The Aussie Arch Nemesis

The mighty Australians have fallen prey to the Indian Blue Brigade in a test match that was evenly poised till the last day. Both the first innings totals by India and Australia were a stone’s throw from each other. So, what made the difference. The same man who had defied the Australians a chance to wrap up the series by notching up an unforgettable double century a few years back. This time again he played his part by notching up a half century and guiding India to a Test victory  with only one wicket left in hand. I am sure the celebrations will go well into the night today! Mug

My Twitter update for the day was Open-mouthed smile

Laxman defies the Aussies yet again.. A good test match Mr. Ponting, but better luck next time!

And to top it all, Ishant Sharma found some much needed form (we will ignore the no-balls which got him wickets Devil) and got his bunny, Ricky Ponting, yet again! Time to hit the nets, Ricky!

In a match that had umpiring faux-pas, even the third umpire was guilty this time, the end-result brought a smile to a billion faces! Smile

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