CWG 2010: Huge Expenditure

Everything about the CWG 2010 opening ceremony has the word GALA stamped on it. The opening ceremony looks extravagant and some of the arrangements leave you spellbound. The expenses on such a setup will raise quite a few eyebrows Surprised smile:

The government plans to spend Rs. 150 crore on a gala opening and closing ceremony which includes Rs. 5 crore being paid to Oscar winner A R Rahman for the theme music.

But of this budget, a whopping Rs. 40 crore will be spent to lease a helium blimp

Read more about the same on the NDTV website.

The whooping figures, which would look impressive in dollars or pounds, would have helped bring a significant percentage of the country’s population above the poverty line, improve the transport infrastructure of certain cities etc. Some of the costs incurred for the CWG looks might absurd when the country is being plagued with lack of infrastructure in certain areas where it is needed for industrial growth. Eg: A major city like Bangalore has regular power cuts (the frequency has reduced) could have benefited significantly if that money would have been used to help the power infrastructure of this city.

Suresh Kalmadi was actually actually jeered and booed at by sections of the crowd during the CWG Opening Ceremony! Goes to show how the common man feels about how mismanaged the entire preparations for the CWG were. In contrast, the Indian contingent got a standing ovation from the crowd when they walked into the stadium.

All the rantings aside, the support of the nation is necessary to make the CWG a success and help put india on the world sporting map especially when the country seems to consider Cricket as the only sport and every other sport gets alienated treatment!

Hopefully, India will win more medals than their previous outings at CWG and make the nation proud and forget about the controversy that surrounded the build-up to the games!


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  1. i agree totally…the costs of the ceremony esp just the closing and opening is totally absurd…it HAS to b looked into…kalmadi has been snubbed so rightly but again its politics playing time for all parties esp with elections around the corner in many states…

    but i now feel confidnt of the olympics if thy ever come here…but this corruption has to b dealt with before the bid goes ahead!!

    -Akshay Agarwal

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