Archivist – Another Twitter related application

Twitter, a 140 line status update web application, has revolutionized the way people use the online community. Be in networking, asking for help/opinions, online marketing (I hate some parts of this as it falls in the SPAM category) are all making use of Twitter. So, it is not surprising that there are a slew of applications available on the Net available for Twitter. I use an application called Tweetdeck to tweet as it provides me the flexibility of creating multiple columns where I can add specific search words to monitor. Read my previous post on #sqlhelp hashtag which I monitor once in a while. This application (IMHO) makes it easy as 1-2-3. Well, I am digressing here. I was writing this post to talk about Archivist an application that was launched during MIX. Here is the analysis of my tweets since the last 7 days:


If you are a business which uses Twitter as a networking tool or you want to monitor certain keywords/hashtags crucial to your business, you can use Archivist to gain a lot of ground from a statistical analysis standpoint using Archivist. Tags: ,,,


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