Finally Friday but the start really sucked!

This (Finally Friday) is supposedly a trending hashtag on Twitter today. But my normal Friday post on FB which revolves around various plays around “TGIF” was not done today because I was driving at the speed of 10kmph for nearly 40 minutes to cover roughly a little over 6kms. That really dampened my Friday spirit which is normally buoyant and chirpy! This would warrant a few choice words which I shall refrain from in this post. Just when I thought that the traffic in the city couldn’t get worse, the city decided to show me how wrong I was. A little downpour during the evening causes traffic to crawl at a pace which could put a snail to shame! I am sure if some that the sprinters attending the CWG (even though some of the big names are missing :P) would look like Ferraris if they decided to sprint against the current traffic in the crowded parts of Bangalore.

My last Twitter post read as:

too much traffic.. been driving on first gear for the past 20 mins 😦 Tags: ,,


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