Dabangg making waves or…

The latest movie ringing the Bollywood cash registers is the Salman Khan starrer (whose comments about 26/11 recently created an uproar, courtesy the Indian media) Dabangg. The Times of India movie review gives it a 4-star rating when we have witnessed movies like 3 Idiots in the recent past.

Dabangg Trailer

So are we saying that we have another movie in the same class as 3 Idiots? No not really. This is what we call a “masala” movie in Bollywood which has all the right ingredients to make it a mainstream, commercial hit movie. What are these ingredients you ask? Well, there is a superstar i.e. our very own homegrown Sallu bhai in the form of a corrupt cop who is the movie’s protagonist. You have item numbers (Munni featuring Malaika Arora) which I am sure would elicit a few cat calls and hoots in some theatres in India. Then we have dialogues which you wouldn’t really want to be heard with your Mom and Grandmother sitting beside you. There is also the love interest who doesn’t give into the charms of the movie’s hero in the beginning. And finally, we have the villain, in this case, a local goon in the form of Sonu Sood. All components present to make a mainstream Bollywood masala movie.

Will I watch this on the big screen? Not really. But if you wanted to know what a typical Bollywood movie is, then Dabangg will probably be the closest that you can get. Surprising that entertainment today is a mindless concoction of songs. dialogues and action sequences. Wait, that was Bollywood all along! 🙂 There was a spurt of movies where Directors/Producers probably inspired by Hollywood aspired to make movies with a difference and moving away from the typical Bollywood masala genre. Some of them were big hits like 3 Idiots, others were not so great like Kites, Raavan even though they spent more money on the campaign than the movie itself and had heavyweights in it’s cast.

Based on the reviews of the Dabangg and how the revenue from the ticket sales are showing up, it looks like the director just used a time-tested formula where he dumped an absurd amount of moolah, courtesy the producers, and came up with a masala movie which the viewers seem to like. Sometimes, old is gold and still works!! Mr. Rakesh Roshan and Mr. Mani Ratnam… Hope you guys have figured this out already.

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