If you haven’t already noticed, I have changed my Scribblepad theme a XBOX 360 theme. My latest acquisition in the gaming world has been a XBOX 360S. And I have one word to describe the console… “SWEET”.


Not only the console is sleeker and slimmer than before. The XBOX team has managed to hush up the newer version and it sounds like a very  pleasant purr. The console has an awesome 250GB HDD which makes life much easier when it comes to storage space. And to top it off, this console has WiFi built into it along with a ready port for the Kinect controller which is all set to me launched during the holidays in US. I am quite excited about the fact that the console was launched in India recently because this means that the accessories of the console like the power brick will soon follow suit. This means that the 110V power brick that I have will soon be replaced with a 220V power brick which can be then used without a step down transformer. Now it’s time to acquire a few new titles for the newer version and unleash the power of the new XBOX.

The next acquisition is going to be the Kinect controller. The is a pre-order available for the controller which allows you to be one among the few  to get a hand on the controller when it is launch. The demos that I have seen for the controller look very promising. It would be surreal to test it out in a multi-player scenario and see what kind of experience we get. I wonder how much this would help the couch potatoes who believe in exercising their fingers only while maneuvering their characters through complicated controllers which have more buttons than my television. Now controlling your character in a RPG game is going to involve a few hops, skips and jumps which I am sure would be a welcome break from lazily being sprawled on your couch and tapping on a controller. Here is a video the Kinect controller demo…

Project Natal Demo


For all those who have bought the new console, Congrats! And Happy Gaming! 🙂 Tags: ,,,


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