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SMB segment gets a Facebook Page

Going social is one of the accepted marketing strategies worldwide. Twitter, Facebook, and other social networking media have all the big players campaigning about their line of work. And this is not just restricted to the world of Information Technology. The other day I found an FB ad bar showing off a distance learning course from my alma mater.

So, it should not come as a surprise that Microsoft, who has been active in this space, now has a new addition: a Facebook Page for the SMB community. This is a neat little addition for the SMB Centre for this community to reach out to Microsoft much faster. Nowdays news seems to travel faster on Twitter and Facebook.

This is what the Info section of the FB page has to say:

The Microsoft SMB Centre is a place for entrepreneurs to come together, share ideas and get information about ways in which they can improve, learn and grow.

The SMB Center website has the following in their updates regarding their new FB page:

Join and benefit from the most active SMB community on the Web
Get closer to the 40 million+ SMB audience on The Microsoft SMB Centre on Facebook, get updates and access to content that is useful, relevant and actionable

So if you are a SMB customer, then there is a new avenue of communication that is being developed and nurtured for you to take full advantage of in the near future.

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Windows Phone 7 Videos

Windows Phone App Preview

Windows Phone 7 has created waves in the technology community even before it’s launch. Here are few Preview videos of the Apps available for WP7. I am pretty excited about this upcoming release and waiting to get my hands on one of these devices which will be released soon! 🙂

Hello WordPress

I had been contemplating this for a while. Whether or not to move my personal Live Spaces blog to WordPress. And finally my latest tweet talks about the move:

Just moved my Live Spaces blog to WordPress:

It was as easy as 1-2-3. I clicked on a few buttons and the migration happened within a few minutes. Spent a about 15 odd minutes on the WordPress Dashboard customizing the look and feel of my blog and voila… It’s like I was always on WordPress!!

The only boo-hoo in the entire episode was the name “MyScribblepad” was not available on WordPress. So, I had to change it to My e-Scribblepad!