National news channel or Bollywood masala

It’s been a long while since I actually posted something here. Most of the time I am busy dropping posts on MSDN or on my technical blog. However, last week’s time spent before the Idiot Box (read: televisions) definitely warrants a few rantings. It had been a hectic week and I wanted to catch up on the news for two specific reasons: a friend had told me to watch the news for a specific interview and a round-up of last week’s stock market updates. But the national news channels (I’m now wondering if they are news channels) were showing Bollywood updates which I am tired of reading in newspapers. Not only did this torture last for over an hour because I was eagerly waiting for the snippets of information that I was interested in but they decided to take the torture to the next level by doing a telecast of Rahul’s Sangeet. This is the epitome in the fall of the quality of journalism in India which is slowly just turning into sensationalism. I am the least bit interested in knowing who the winner of the entire facade is but I would definitely be interested in knowing what is happening about the power shortage in the city which is preventing me from sleeping peacefully.

Now do I file this under News or Entertainment. I think I shall go with the latter!! 😛


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