Monthly Archives: March 2010

BBMP Elections in Namma Bengaluru

BBMP elections draw to a close and even after the campaigns done by the various organizations and political parties, the percentage of population that turned up to vote was apathetical. The current count reported at 5PM by News 9 was 35%. So, what this means is that the candidates that are getting elected are not on a majority consensus. If you think that two people pitted against each other are as bad as each other. Then is it justified not to vote. Well, I somehow think differently. You need to pick someone, even if it is a “best out of the worst”. If they don’t live upto the expectations, pick the next candidate the next time. Atleast then, they would understand that a electorate majority does count.

You cannot have an elected body which doesn’t have a majority consensus in a democratic environment.


National news channel or Bollywood masala

It’s been a long while since I actually posted something here. Most of the time I am busy dropping posts on MSDN or on my technical blog. However, last week’s time spent before the Idiot Box (read: televisions) definitely warrants a few rantings. It had been a hectic week and I wanted to catch up on the news for two specific reasons: a friend had told me to watch the news for a specific interview and a round-up of last week’s stock market updates. But the national news channels (I’m now wondering if they are news channels) were showing Bollywood updates which I am tired of reading in newspapers. Not only did this torture last for over an hour because I was eagerly waiting for the snippets of information that I was interested in but they decided to take the torture to the next level by doing a telecast of Rahul’s Sangeet. This is the epitome in the fall of the quality of journalism in India which is slowly just turning into sensationalism. I am the least bit interested in knowing who the winner of the entire facade is but I would definitely be interested in knowing what is happening about the power shortage in the city which is preventing me from sleeping peacefully.

Now do I file this under News or Entertainment. I think I shall go with the latter!! 😛