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Kotla mein Ghotala!

A truly frustrating day for an Indian who loves watching the game which is like a religion in the sub-continent and where the game’s icons are propelled to demi-god status. Yes, I am referring to CRICKET and going to rant about the Feroz Shah Kotla fiasco that happened on Sunday. 😦

One of the callers on a local news channel said that the players should have at least played a 20-20 match to please the crowd. I thought the gentleman forgot that the cricketers are professionals too. There are not some circus animal who perform at the behest of a crowd. No sane man would ask a sport to be played under unsafe and unfavorable conditions. I don’t think he saw the match or maybe he is lacking a bit of common sense. This is NOT the gladiator era.

111936[1] It was really interesting to hear the comments from the viewers on a local news channel. The unanimous opinion was that bureaucrats (read: politicians) shouldn’t be running the BCCI. Well I would say the media is to blame partly for such a fiasco as well. The Indian media engages in a 24-48 hour post-mortem analysis on any news breaking event but will not do anything pro-actively unless and until something happens that can be classified as breaking news. What happened to responsible journalism where you report things on merit and not report it because it won’t fetch you good TRP ratings!! Hopefully, there would be some responsible journalism going forward to bring out the poor administrative skills present with the current cricket board and help get a set of people that will help the game of cricket remain a sport and not a political ground where undercurrents, nepotism and personal rapports score above a player’s sporting skills. Considering that the Common Wealth Games are round the corner, it does raise a few ugly & uncomfortable questions about the infrastructure arrangements for a sporting event of mammoth proportions.

The crowd at Kotla restored to violence. Even though the frustration of the crowd was evident. I can imagine what the level of frustration might be if you are at ground zero when I’m miffed sitting at home. However, violence is not the answer. The frustration and anger needs to be channeled through the correct means and help bring down an administration which is not fit to hold the office that they are currently occupying. You would think that the administration would be on their toes after the lights at Eden Gardens went kaput for some time. Looks like their levels of alertness also had a blackout!!

One common consensus among the Indian junta was that bureaucracy cannot run the game of cricket. The game is a religion for this country and we need people who have experience in this game to step-up and handle the reins so that such future untoward incidents are averted.

Cricket should be left to the cricketing folks!! Period!!



This is an awesome new avtaar from MS. TBot is the new translation bot that can be invited to a MSN Messenger conversation and then TBot will translate the conversations for you. Read about it on Microsoft Translator Official Team Blog – Windows Live Messenger

I had never envisioned that I would include an online bot into my IM conversations. The avtaar designed for TBot also looks pretty “fundoo”. Let’s wait and see when Hindi get’s added to TBot’s repertoire.