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F&B Restaurant

If you are from the hospitality industry, the first thing that would strike your mind is Food and Beverage. But it’s not. If you were wondering about what the name stood for, you would be surprised!! FRIENDS & BACHCHUS. Did you just chuckle to yourself!! This is another of the upper class restaurants in Bangalore which have mushroomed in the city over the past few years.

Location: Papanna Street,  St Marks Road, Bangalore

This dining establishment has 4 different areas and the one that I visited was the Global Tree Cafe. This place offers you a variety of cuisines: Indian, Pan Asian & European. If you are a foodie (read:glutton :D) or food connoisseur (the second term is what I choose to describe myself but the first is what I exhibit when in the company of good food), then you might be a bit disappointed by the quantity of servings. However, if you are opting for the buffet, then this is a place that gives you more than value for money. The pasta is a tad more saucy than required and leaves your taste buds reminiscing of the brilliant Italian overtures committed at Little Italy (one of my Favorite Italian restaurants).

The Pan Asian and European cuisines are a definite recommendation. So, what would you go for: Nasi Goreng or Smoked Salmon? 🙂 If you are really hungry, then I suggest you order both owing to the serving proportions!!

What are the positive points of F&Bs (sounds more posh when you refer to it using the acronym)?

Well, for starters the place has an amazing ambience. Though if the music blended with the ambience, then it would be a pleasure to spend a better half of your late evening at F&Bs and lose yourself in the sumptuous tastes of European cuisine.

The place definitely offers you value for money if you order right! And the ambience is something that is definitely worth paying for. Very few places in Bangalore offer such a unique dining experience.