Monthly Archives: June 2009

Racism in Australia against Indians

Is this something new? May be not. The undercurrent of racial feelings against Indian students had been present for quite some time now. But such heinous acts of racial violence which were shamelessly perpetrated on hapless victims just shows that such sentiments are now popular among a larger group of people. And this group of people who are embarking on such acts of violence are definitely the ones who lack common sense or are not aware of facts.

A non-violent protest against such atrocities was violently greeted by the Aussie police. Are they on the side of the victims or on the perp’s?? What is more appalling is that they are justifying their acts.

A question now that comes to my mind is how would the Australian government reacted if the tables were turned. Would they tolerate Australian citizens backpacking through India being targets of racial violence??