Monthly Archives: April 2009

Zune & Windows Update

Finally, I find time to visit my dormant blog again!! I recently bough a Zune 120GB and was finding it difficult to find out how to get my Windows Vista OS to detect the setup. I downloaded Zune 3.0 software from the Net. But when I connected my Zune to my laptop, it didn’t get detected. Not to get demoralized with such a minor issue, I decided to engage in troubleshooting the damn thing and not have the enthusiasm of configuring another electronic device stolen away from me. Alas, this was not to be. I was to be deprived my pleasures of listening to the Zune.

I couldn’t let that happen. After some online research and forum visits, I found that we need to register the ZuneUsbTransport.dll. Did that but nothing happened. Later, with the help of another Zune buddy, I found that when the Zune is connected it updates the driver using Windows Update. This is when my troubleshooting took a different direct path. I found that the my Windows Update had been failing with an error. I looked up the error and found that I need to re-register my Windows Update dlls. Once that was done, I re-connected my Zune and voila….. Now I shall explore the world of Zune and it’s opportunities!!