How to hack Email account password?

How to hack email account passwords? How often is this phrase searched for? I would say pretty often. You would get back a million hits directing you to different steps to achieve your objective (some even suggesting some Trojan or Brute Force methods) or even asking you to install softwares.

But what many people do not realize is that such schemes will not help you retrieve the password of your spouse/partner if you want to confirm your suspicions nor will it help you keep tabs on your business partner (in a malicious manner). This will only land you in trouble. The truth is, these scams works by fooling you into giving out your own password blindly. One of their tactics is to send an email to or along with your username and password. These hackers claimed that there is a bug in the Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo or AOL mail system and by emailing your user name, your password and your spouse’s /friend’s /enemy’s email address to the designated email address, a reply together with the requested password would arrive in your inbox within a day or two. Truth is, you’ve been conned into giving out your password, thus allowing the hacker unrestricted access into your email account.

The fact of the matter is the developers of the security systems for such web driven applications are human beings and sometimes they also have flaws. But once such a flaw is discovered, the security teams at any of the above companies do not sit around and twiddle their thumbs waiting for potential hackers develop softwares and evangelise the mechanisms to hack into their mail systems.

Lot of people claim Brute Force is quite helpful. 99% of todays Web Servers are able to detect DOS attacks and promptly block any such IP trying to do so in order to retrieve an accounts password by going through a laundry list of password combinations.

The most common ways people can fall prey to such password hacking are:
1. Trojans, viruses and other malicious softwares which use mechanisms as key loggers (software/hardware) to siphon of your username and password to an anonymous server
2. You sending you such information on the Net to a friend/spouse/partner etc and it getting tapped mid way.

The bottomline is exploiting a bug in an email system requires an in depth knowledge in computing and you would be battling against a team of engineers who are working to patch such a vulnerability. Add to the fact that these engineers are also damn good at what they do.

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