Google Chrome

A yet another chapter in the Net Wars kicks off with the launch of Google Chrome. As per the Google Chrome’s homepage:

Google Chrome is a browser that combines a minimal design with sophisticated technology to make the web faster, safer, and easier.

Will the Chrome Browser be able to make dents into MS share of the browser market? The IE name has become synonymous Internet Browser no matter what patrons of Google, erstwhile Netscape (is it still around 🙂 ), Firefox have to say. Today every company that comes out with a browser, open source or not, pays attention to details like privacy, security, user experience, ease of usability, stability and blah blah blah….

But what makes you stand out is how you market your product and are you able to address user concerns in an effective manner. IE currently holds 70%+ share of the browser market which Google is aiming at. Everything looks fancy on paper and also initial response has been positive for Chrome. But will this make a deep impact? Google’s chiefs seem very optimistic and think that the answer is YES. Terms like Incognito mode (a new step towards maintaining user privacy), Sandbox approach (for better web security) and App View (this is similar to the Prism effort of the Mozilla browser) are here to dazzle the users and the experts at Mountain View are prophesying this to be the next household name in Web Browsing.

Considering that one of the prime objectives of Google is to collect user’s browsing patterns, one still wonders if they have a mechanism to capture such data. But probably I’m being paranoid or may be not. Also, issues like user login detection, intranet hacking, history stealing etc. need to be tested and these will only be ironed out with a larger adoption rate and much more users using the system.


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