Have been off blogging for some time now because of my hectic work schedule combined with the fact that I was a bit lazy with the holiday mood. Now that things are back to normal, (Or are they? Half the world or the entire world reeling with the after effects and shock waves of America’s economic crisis) I thought I would put up a few posts about what I normally blog about.

A lot of hype was generated about the movie. But nowadays, which Bollywood movie is worth the hype? Aamir Khan has done a good job but considering the movies that he came out with in the past: Lagaan, DCH, this was expected. Does the story have the same punch packing effect as it’s English counterpart, Memento?? When has Bollywood managed to plagiarize Hollywood flicks and make a better remake?? No no it was not a inspiration from Hollywood… How could I forget? It is inspired from a Regional Film (Tamil) which was inspiration from Hollywood.

For those who haven’t seen Memento, this would be a good movie to watch considering other mindless movies that were released during this time frame like "The Day the Earth Stood Still" or even another much hyped "Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi". Was it worth the Rs. 350/- per ticket and shortage of movie tickets created for the premier shows via media hype? I would say NO.

Bottomline is that Ghajini is a one time watch but if you are going to watch the movie believing all the media reports and frenzy, then you shall be disappointed. It is definitely better than what my friend calls "Masala Flicks"!! (the cliche Bollywood story)


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  1. Aamir was a far better actor than Guy Pearce was which made Ghajini fairly watchable. Anyway it turned out to be a bit of a drag in the 2nd half. having said that, Memento which had a great storyline was ruined by Guy’s acting. mind you, I’ve been watching Guy since his Neighbours day so I kind of knew when the cast was announced, that Memento had DISASTER written all over it.

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