It’s called COOL

CUIL is an Irish word for knowledge. CUIL is a venture started by ex-Google employees.

The last few years has seen a lot of internet startups foray into the world of web search and try and emulate Google’s success. The question is would this one be successful or not?? Only time will tell.

CUIL’s about us page states very boldly that they are out here to solve the two of the biggest search engine problems, namely

  1. Indexing the whole internet
  2. Providing relevant results from the indexed data

It’s currently boasting of 121+ trillion web pages in its database. The things that you notice about this search engine right at the outset is:

  1. The visual appeal in the interface with the fact that it doesn’t display just hyperlinks with short text descriptions.
  2. Typing suggestions are server side. This is probably the first of its kind that I have seen on search engines. Most of them use our local search cache history to prompt for searches.
  3. The search results can be filtered and also have a category tab to help you sort through the vast array of results category wise thrown back at you.

Since, they come from the corner of the globe who taught the world and pioneered the search engine business, they might have some tricks in their sleeve (that’s why you see a distinctness in the venture that they have started out with) to carve out a niche for themselves in this space which still has Google as the world leader with Microsoft and Yahoo chasing it for a better half of a decade. This is probably one of the most fiercely competed space in the net where many startups came, saw but never conquered.

Will they be able to change the phrase

Just Google it!!


Just Cuil it!!

Best of Luck to the Cuil team!! Is Google listening?? I’m sure they are 🙂


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