Oxymoronic Enquiry

You really wonder if these "DO NOT DISTURB" services actually work or are the people who register for this service from Cellphone providers are called up more! I believe they actually do. Sometimes being too optimistic is a good thing! Open-mouthed Honestly speaking, the number of calls I receive for free cards, investment opportunities are much less. Though a recent call definitely wanted me to blog about it. I received a call on my Tata Indicom landline asking me "Sir, do want a Tata Indicom landline connection". I politely replied that "You are calling on a Tata Indicom landline" Sarcastic. The next question was: "Are you interested in a Tata Indicom Broadband Connection or Tata Indicom Wireless Connection". I replied back that I had cancelled my Tata Indicom Broadband Connection and the person on the other end just hung up. First, you get an Oxymoronic question from a person dialling random numbers and asking the same drab question to over a hundred people in a day and on top of that the other person just hangs up without even a "Sorry to disturb you".
And people at Tata Indicom wonder why people complain about their service. Baring teeth Even a 5 year-old or in Boycott’s words "Even My Grandmum" would have figured it out by now. Alas……. Disappointed
My earlier rantings on Tata Indicom are here.

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