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Oxymoronic Enquiry

You really wonder if these "DO NOT DISTURB" services actually work or are the people who register for this service from Cellphone providers are called up more! I believe they actually do. Sometimes being too optimistic is a good thing! Open-mouthed Honestly speaking, the number of calls I receive for free cards, investment opportunities are much less. Though a recent call definitely wanted me to blog about it. I received a call on my Tata Indicom landline asking me "Sir, do want a Tata Indicom landline connection". I politely replied that "You are calling on a Tata Indicom landline" Sarcastic. The next question was: "Are you interested in a Tata Indicom Broadband Connection or Tata Indicom Wireless Connection". I replied back that I had cancelled my Tata Indicom Broadband Connection and the person on the other end just hung up. First, you get an Oxymoronic question from a person dialling random numbers and asking the same drab question to over a hundred people in a day and on top of that the other person just hangs up without even a "Sorry to disturb you".
And people at Tata Indicom wonder why people complain about their service. Baring teeth Even a 5 year-old or in Boycott’s words "Even My Grandmum" would have figured it out by now. Alas……. Disappointed
My earlier rantings on Tata Indicom are here.

Rock On

Farhan Akhtar’s foray in the vocalist world. This is definitely a new foray by Bollywood in new-age college rock type of music that is sure to have the college youth of India hooked. This is the first time that anyone in India has dared introduce rock music into Bollywood films, let alone make an entire film on a rock band.

The musical stalwarts of Dil Chahta Hai fame seem to have come out with another chart buster. Their passion for doing something different and pulling it off marvelously shows how much skill and musical depth the trio possess. Farhan Akhtar is a bit edgy in Pichhle Saat Dino and Rock On tracks but I guess if you had a seasoned singer singing the song, then you would lose the effect of an up-coming rock college rock band. Also, listening to the songs you come to know why Javed Akhtar is one of the best and highly acclaimed lyricists. Altogether this album is worth the moolah you shell out. However, if you never heard rock music in college and think of Pink Floyd, RHCP, Nirvana, Linkin’ Park as weird/obscure names, then this album is not for you.

The songs in this album reminded me of my college days where every college fest was incomplete with a rock show!

Rock On!!!

I saw the movie this week. Halfway through the movie, you get the feeling that you are watching an Indianized version of "That Thing You Do". The movie is quite well made and especially the direction is quite good. It’s worth every penny. It’s quite different from the usual genre of Hindi films. I can’t think of any Indian movies in the recent past which has revolved around a rock band. Though the rock culture has been present in Urban India for quite some time now. This movie reminded me of my college days of the rock band competitions during the fests. Farhan Akhtar seems pretty comfortable in his new role as an Actor.

The songs of the movie are also quite catchy. My personal favorite is the track "Pichhle Saat Dino Mein".

This movie is a definite must-see.

Nana Nana Na Na….. Nana Nana Na Na…. 🙂