Kolkata Bandh

My visits to this city would have been incomplete without a bandh!!
And lo behold, there is a bandh called out. The fact of the matter is that these strikes/bandhs/protests whatever you want to call them affect the normal functioning on the city. Read more about it here.
Techies slogging out in Sector V will either have to start for office before sunrise and stay locked till the next day, or come to work the next Saturday to make up for the backlog.
The appalling part is that the news channels are showing a small boy who is not able to travel to Hyderabad due to this "BANDH" and . Surely, Essential Services, should have been spared. Or is it that they are spared and everyone is too caught up with the AAI agenda and other agendas to notice about a boy who is fighting a life and death situation. Isn’t it a crime on humanitarian grounds to obstruct a person’s right to receive medical treatment??

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