Tata Indicom Broadband Services

In today’s world where everything is connected, speed is the name of the game. But would Tata Indicom Wireline Broadband Services understand that!! Angry
The customer service is very good – they are quite prompt in mentioning that today network is down, some middle tier server decided to take a day off or we would be back up in no time. Just a little technical snag. (Though the last response has been pretty rare). To top it off, I was paying the same amount for half the speed of what other ISPs were providing. So, you ask why was I hanging on to it and crying foul all the time. Well, till last month, there were no other ISPs providing connectivity to my area. One good thing is that Tata Indicom provides broadband coverage in the middle of nowhere. Once there was an alternative, I said sayonara. Party
But then why am I still cribbing about them. Setting up the connection was a nightmare in itself. Telephony Sevices blamed Internet Services and vice versa. The blame game actually went on for over a week till I had my connection. Then came the second nightmare, the billing. I spelt it for them, sent them screenshots, wrote emails but they cannot seem to get the billing name right. Baring teeth
And the final nightmare, disconnecting. A service termination request was sent to them last month and even now it is still in processing stage. Though they managed to disable my Tata Indicom webmail account within the week. Last week when I spoe to customer service, they asked me to send an email from my disabled Tata Indicom account for termination. Apparently, they hadn’t received the earlier one. However, within 2 days of my original email, someone from Tata Indicom had called me asking for the reason for termination. Is this miscommunication or sheer incompetence?? Disappointed
Today’s conversation with customer service ended with the note that someone will definitely contact me next week to collect my router. Do I believe them? My past experience says otherwise but I shall give them the last benefit of doubt. If I’m left high and dry again, I shall have some more to write about them and send a few scathing emails a few places.
 In conclusion, as you have already guessed, my experience with Tata Indicom has been a complete suffering. I do have sarcastic remarks about certain idiosyncrasies in our lives but normally I do not write such distinguished (read: horrid) reviews about a service or product. Hopefully, someone somewhere from the Broadband Division will read this.

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