India’s Olympic Gold

A matter of pride for the nation that Abhinav Bindra won the Olympic Gold Medal for the Air Rifle event. It was the top story on all news channels yesterday. But isn’t it suprising that the second most populated country in the world hasn’t been able to bring home a GOLD from the Olympics in over 2 decades. Surprised
When we have so much talent in the country that gets wasted due to:
1. Lack of infrastructure as a major percentage of the funds allocated for building such infrastructure ends up being exchanged under the tables rather than over the table
2. Talent hunt/scouting for off beat sports (other than cricket almost every sport in India is off beat, though there are major pockets where soccer, hockey, tennis, F1 racing etc. are quite popular.) is not driven as vigorously as others. Take Chak De! for example. This does highlight the fund shortage scenario to a certain extent.
3. As a talent is found who achieves success, the media propels them to a super-iconic-demigod status after which you find them appearing more on TV, talk shows, billboards and with fewer successes in their playing arena. The ones who are level headed are able to take the attention and still shell out stellar performances. But the ones who are not and get pressurized with the nation’s expectations are rudely thrown down from the pedestal that the media had put them on.
Congratulations to Abhinav Bindra for achieving such an amazing feat but it’s high time we did some introspection on why we cannot compete on the world stage in the Olympics.

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