Fast food cricket. That’s what I think of it. Glamour, Glitz, Flamboyance, Corporate
Competitiveness etc. etc. All these have found it’s way into the game. I’m an avid cricket
fan and have seen all kinds of matches from Test Matches, ODIs, Hong Kong Super Sixes,
County Cricket, Ranji Trophy, U-19 & …….

So, this is an interesting addition to the various forms of the game that’s present there.
It’s a lot of fun to watch your dream combinations materialize even though if it’s for
half the period of a normal ODI game. It was a dream to watch Sanath Jayasuriya and Sachin
open the batting for Mumbai Indians. A few years back if India was playing a
match and Jayasuriya was blasting the ball to every corner of the park, then you wouldn’t
have seen Indians jumping with joy. But alas, IPL has made this possible.

As usual, even the IPL concept had its skeptics to begin with but it has gripped the
nation in a frenzy and the current state of affairs speaks volumes of its success.
Thanks to the IPL, cricket has seen glamour n glitz with filmstars owning a few IPL teams
and some other stars and starlets becoming their brand ambassadors. Not to forget the
cheerleaders. If there are cheerleaders in skimpy outfits, then how can moral policing be
far behind…. Smile But that’s a different discussion which we shall take up in another blog
post. Whether this glamour and glitz is good for the gentleman’s game is open to

Cricketers are actually learning what the corporate game is all about: performance, consistency, accountability, reliability etc etc… Royal Challengers which is a pretty good team on paper is facing the heat from the KF head honcho, Vijay Mallya due a forgettable IPL campaign.
I believe T20 is a unique concept that let’s everyone enjoy this wonderful game without
having to follow the game for 5 days or stare at the screen for 6 hours following each and
every ball bowled for nearly 100 overs in an ODI. And for the old school people and avid
cricket buffs who still think the T20 is a joke…. Wait for the ODIs and Test Matches….
Till then loosen up and enjoy the pleasant distraction and entertainment that T20 is
providing us.


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