Power Cuts

This had become a regular feature on the weekends. I’m without power at my house during every Sunday afternoon. I’m not sure how bad the situation is during the week since I’m in office for the better half of the day.

Maybe the electricity board thinks that people are exposed too much to electronic gadgets throughout the week that they should do their bit to prevent people from using them during the weekends. How thoughtful, right??

The biggest disappointment was during the IPL finals when there were brief power cuts in my area duting the course of the finals. They were of shorter duration than their regular counterparts. May be the electricity board was also trying out their version of 20-20. Sad

Didn’t feel like creating a part II of this topic but the current situation warrants me to write more on this. The power cuts frequency have gone to a new level altogether. Two consecutive weekends, I have been hit by power cuts which have lasted for 8 hours in my area (9 AM – 6 PM).

Pretty pathetic, I would say!! Considering the fact on a Sunday, I don’t have the luxury of browsing the Net (if you are using Broadband), can’t watch TV or listen to music and have to depend on connectivity or any source of electronic entertaiment/recreation on your cell phone (subject to the fact that it has good battery lifetime).

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