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I’m sure most of us remember this movie where every who’s who of the elite high society breed had a dig made at them in one form or another.

Well that brings me back to the question: who puts this genre of people on the high pedestal that they are on?? It’s primarily the media and then the Indian junta who are overawed by such class of people. The who’s who of tinsel here to earn money by entertaining the masses. For them, this is a profession. However, among them are a few who manage to draw the crowds due to their personality (nowadays it’s becoming more of rumor & sex quotient).

This infatuation with the glitteratti has become so huge that the number of pages of B’lore times has increased and people are so gossip hungry that this publication manages to publish the same news snippet twice in the same week with different inset pictures. Now that’s a bit of change. Sarcastic Not to mention the spelling & grammatical bloopers they make. Surprised Such a large circulation and such a reputed publishing house, you think they would have heard of spell check. It’s automated you know. Hopefully one of them reads this post.


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