P2P for Cell Phones

I spent the last week looking up articles which discussed this. Found one such article which talks about this. If this does become a viable reality, then this would revolutionize the mobile space forever. A concept like this in reality would enable cell phones to share files across multiple devices. Though this does exist in the form of Bluetooth Sharing but extending this to GPRS would definitely take some time due to the resource usage by P2P softwares and moreover the bandwidth issues (which is generally constrained when using GPRS).

This would also open up another can of worms. Your cellphone would now be vulnerable to threats from unscrupulous elements and trojans, viruses etc. might reside on your phone. Formatting a phone and resetting it is not as easy as a desktop OS. So, we would need to have pretty robust security systems when accessing P2P networks over the Net.


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