If you are a resident of B’lore, then you would have probably read about so many times now in the papers that you have probably
lost count. Now that the airport has actually shifted, what is the "aam junta’s" reaction. Suddenly people are thinking of alternative mode of transport: Trains, Buses, Cars to travel to other cities which involve less than 1 hour of air travel…… Sad

Well, let’s say I wanted to go Chennai which is less than an hour by Air, what would I do:
Probably leave 3.30 hours before my flight departure time (1 hour for checkin and other formalities, 2~2:30 hours to reach Devannahalli and 30 minutes of buffer time for unforseen circumstances). Also, another 50+ minutes for the flying time. A minimum of half an hour to get out of the Chennai Airport if and only if I’m travelling light. So, if I’m travelling light and live relatively close to the new Airport, I would reach from my home in B’lore to my destination in Chennai in *ONLY* 5 hours.

But alas a majority of Bangalore’s "aam junta" doesn’t fall into this category. So, after nearly 5~6 hours of journey via (Volvo Bus/City Taxi)/Airline/(City Taxi/Cab/Auto), I should be in Chennai ruing about the following facts:

1. My pocket is a few thousand rupees lesser due to the ever increasing fuel prices and the airport taxes
2. The cost of commuting to the airport. A fare some of us would think thrice about paying for a ride in B’lore.
3. If it’s a 6 AM flight, then the gross irritation of waking up at an unearthly hour to catch a flight which will last less than 1 hour

Did I forget about the development fee being imposed? Ah yes, I did… Please add that to the above list.

So, I decide that travelling by my car would be the best option AND economical AND also would involve lesser grumbling AND it would take me the same amount of time by the flight. I’m quite aware of the grammatical error in the last sentence but just added all those ANDs to specify the number of positives coming out of deciding to use car as the mode of conveyance rather than catching a flight from the over-hyped "NEW" Bengaluru Airport for distances less than 500 kms.

Now when the thought of keeping HAL for short haul flights have come into the picture, there’s the CONTRACTUAL agreement. Come to think of it, this contract this was the brainchild of a some highly experienced people in the field of politics, capacity planning, foresight…. And none of them thought this up… After signing the contract, people suddenly realised the gravity of the situation. Funny, don’t you think!! Sarcastic


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